Ayatollah Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi
Apolitical Religious Leader
Popular and Prominent Cleric
Anti Dictatorship Liberal Leader
Peace Advertiser between Different Religions Followers

Some Peaceful Activities of Ayatollah boroujerdi
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Some Peaceful Activities of Ayatollah boroujerdi:

Disclosing the nature of Islamic radicalism and fundamentalism and the nature of Islamist Terrorists

Negating political and governmental Islam and introducing it
as one of basic causes of current religious violence in international area

Negating religious fanaticisms and violence

Trying to make reconciliation between God and people who
refuse God and religion (because of violence by the name of God)

Introducing religious government as illegal and opposing to
interference of religion in politics and government continuously

Expressing that the “Velayat-e faqih” (the Rule of the Jurisprudent) is
illegal and heresy and introducing it as “religious dictatorship” and "religious arrogance”

Disclosing the nature of politicians who abuse religious beliefs
of people for their own benefits and also delude them

Rejecting every kind of offer and bribe for putting up with
oppressors and usurpers of religion in Iran

Defending of absolute freedom of human and notify people
about their right to freedom of press, speech, belief and right to choose a religion

Fighting suppression and violence under the name of religion and
calling the punishments like execution, stoning and flogging illegal.

Using peaceful approaches against his opponents even the governmental clerics,
as he has always requested debate with Iranian religious leaders on TV.

Spreading reverence to followers of other religions,
especially to Baha’is people who are under pressures in Iran

Leading followers of different religions to reconcile together

Upholding all peaceful movements in world especially Peace process in
Middle East ( as the only Shiite cleric, in the country which its leaders ask for annihilating Israel,
he has upheld from peace process of Middle East inside prison for several times while the atmosphere is full of suffocation)

Emphasizing on preservation of national and human values in
opposite of violence laws which are the results of incorrect interpretation of religious sentences.

Revealing peaceful aspects of Islam and other religions to make link and peace between their followers

Sending congratulation messages on the occasion of religious festivals and
celebrations of all religions to their followers worldwide

Holding vast religious gathering in different cities of Iran with presence of followers of different religion

Holding great benediction and tuition assemblies to promote spirituality, peace,
Freedom, justice and benevolence between people

Communicating with prominent personalities of the world such as Pope,
United Nations secretary, European Union director, in order to present and indicate his viewpoints
about peaceful aspects of Islam and other religions

Persuasion of people especially the young people to acquire science

Opposing to race, religious and gender discrimination and defense of women rights

Forming charitable and welfare groups throughout Iran for helping poor people and orphans

Writing and publishing some religious books and articles based on peaceful ideas of
human civilization and distributing them among different categories of Society

Forming different welfare groups and managing them in order to helping natural
events especially in Bam earthquake at the end of 2003

Litigating different Iranian trades and classes as many of
Iranian political experts call him as Iranian public prosecutor